Unanswered Questions…

question-mark-463497_960_720What is this World? Probably I can never understand. Maybe all of us who live in this world, sheltered and cocooned in our own houses seldom realize the vastness and versatility of this place.We all seem so busy, everyone has something or the other to achieve, a mother to see her son getting married, maybe an animal lover is saving a dog somewhere, a butcher weighing his meat, a sailor setting out for his next voyage, a father dreading his daughter’s new love interest. All of us seemed to have created our own castle of dreams, hopes, aspirations and we all survive each day thinking the next is going to be better; we all hope for a better future.

A future that will bring happiness, a future that will make our dreams turn into reality. We live each day working, thinking, planning our days ahead. How often does it turn the way we want it to? How often do we actually feel we received exactly what we had asked for? Its a tough question because all of us seem to have made peace with our present. The one’s surviving have adjusted to their present lives, thinking maybe someday it will be better but what about the one’s who don’t make it? The ones who cannot bear the fact that their present turned out so hurtful. They end their lives in the hope that death would answer all questions or it would end all questions. Who is to be blamed for their deaths? Is it the circumstances that led up to such extreme measures? or are the people to be blamed who failed to understand their state of mind? or maybe they themselves are to be blamed for not understanding the precious gift of life.

These are unanswered questions, whether the dead get their peace afterlife is a hard thing to understand for the living. The concept of Heaven and Hell has been raised since centuries, kids are scared to sin because someday they might end up in hell. The world as we see it today is full of so much of suffering and pain. It bears the tears and tragedies of thousands and millions. A father cremating his son’s body, a husband losing his wife, a baby boy abandoned on the streets or maybe somewhere a solitary girl is weeping in the memory of her lost love. The agony, betrayal and truth of this world is unexplained. but then again we witness the simple joys of life, a mother witnessing her child’s first walk, a young soldier receiving his badge of honor, the joys of nature, the cool breeze in a warm summer evening, the butterfly sitting on a Gladiola. The beauty of being alive, the beauty of life is again unexplained.

We all seem so together from a distance, crowded, busy , always up to things while when we close up on the same lives, we find the individuality of each living soul. The loneliness of their existence, the melancholy of their emotions.With so much realization my heart fills with admiration and awe for the circles of life forms that take place,we might not understand it but we’re lucky enough to experience it and I guess in the end it is this journey of these experiences that matters…


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