Content Marketing – 5 ways to make your voice heard over the noise


Are you a small business owner clueless about the term ‘Content Strategy’? You are not alone. With the present universe of available content on the web, creating distinct content is like finding your place as a needle in a haystack. To be heard over all that noise seems like a Herculean task but it might not be that difficult either. In my own experience, while writing content to sell a product or engage customers, you need to get those first few lines perfect. Read through a few pointers on how to start.

Know your basics: What is it that you are selling? Acquiring a thorough knowledge of the product, service or concept you are out to sell is the beginning of your content strategy. Learn what makes your product unique. Innovative qualities, distinctive features or potential disruptive behaviour are some characteristics of your product you would want to highlight in your content.

Research: If you think nobody has written or attempted to write what you are writing, you might be wrong. Do your research on similar content as you are writing, you will be surprised with the results, respect this competition and learn from them. Find out what type of content has garnered more audience and what type has failed. Know the content trends that are popular in the market. Learn the style of writing that has engaged maximum customers and browse through the interactions to find out the need of your readers.

Short and direct writing: Write your content believing that your readers have the least attention span. Your piece might be very eloquent and content heavy but nobody has the time to read jargon. Be direct, use simple vocabulary and offer solutions in your content instead of stating problems. Readers tend to spend more time on an article with more ‘content’ and less words.

Core message: What do you want your reader to remember once he/she is done reading your piece? Remember to be consistent with one core message you want to pass across to your customers. Try and repeat this message over the length of your content. Again, coming back to the message of writing less jargon and more content.

Promoting: Once you are done with your piece, choose the best solution in promoting your piece. Know your target audience before you start your advertisements and promotions. Select only those social media sites which are most likely visited by your audience. In case you are carrying out email marketing, make sure you take care that your content does not go to spam. Add relevant tags to make sure it reaches the right audience.

Your content strategy solely depends on your understanding of your product and audience and of course your writing skills.


– Strutima Kalita

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