A day in my mom’s life


The alarm rings. It’s 5:00 am; a start to a regular day in her life. She gets up from the bed with all the day’s chores in her mind. She starts with cleaning the house; all the bedrooms, the seating area and the kitchen. She comes to wake me up with a kiss wishing me a loved filled good morning, I get the smell of warm coffee along with freshly baked pancakes for breakfast. I haphazardly get ready for office, waving her goodbye in a hurry and pushing off to carry on with my life. She turns her attention to dad, gives him breakfast with equal love and care and waves him goodbye for his day at work. Then she gets ready for her day at work; a teacher she is.

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Odious Words









In a distant terrain where earth belonged to the seas,

amidst houses that spoke of kings and queens; breathed a pillaged soul.

Dainty and fragile were not to describe her,
Courage, conviction and peace adorned her spirit.

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Unanswered Questions…

question-mark-463497_960_720What is this World? Probably I can never understand. Maybe all of us who live in this world, sheltered and cocooned in our own houses seldom realize the vastness and versatility of this place.We all seem so busy, everyone has something or the other to achieve, a mother to see her son getting married, maybe an animal lover is saving a dog somewhere, a butcher weighing his meat, a sailor setting out for his next voyage, a father dreading his daughter’s new love interest.

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